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Vatican no longer cancer in metaphorical sense only

I’ll start by saying this: If there is a god (there’s not), that god really enjoys putting the Pope’s PR firm through hell.  As if the near constant reports that Pope Benedict protected child molesters wasn’t reason enough to flee … Continue reading

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Anti-Muslim Freedom Party picks up so many seats in Dutch election

Dutch voters went to the polls yesterday to issue a proclamation loud and clear: We’ve had enough of these Muslims.  Okay, not every voter said that out loud, but the election results were, um, disheartening.

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When will these Muslims stop blockading and occupying Jewish land?

War cheerleaders often give two justifications for America’s ongoing, seemingly endless occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan: 1) We’re there for the good of those we are occupying, and 2) We’re there to prevent that country from attacking us in the … Continue reading

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You can't be too delusional to run for office as a Republican

That headline could probably serve as a tagline for my blog, but sometimes the derangement one sees spewing forth from the GOP is really too much to bear.  Earlier this month, a group called True Republicans PAC launched an attack … Continue reading

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The Pope Song (NSFW)

There’s nothing that needs to be said here other than Tim Minchin is a goddamn genius [Bilerico via Chloe]. Fuck the motherfucker, and fuck you motherfucker If you think that motherfucker is sacred. If you cover for another motherfucker whos … Continue reading

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Infallible Pope turns blind eye to deaf boy molestation

Future Pope Benedict XVI, aka Joseph Ratzinger, ignored requests to investigate an American Priest who authorities believe molested as many as 200 deaf boys, the New York Times is reporting today.  Rough month to be a Catholic.

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Colorado Church won't re-enroll lesbians' child in school because Jesus is love

You know how childhood is so easy and children get along with their parents all the time?  Remember how, when you were in elementary school, you weren’t self-conscious and worried about fitting in?  And remember how those early years aren’t formative … Continue reading

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