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Sen. Nelson has never used an ATM, but he knows about 'holograms'

Some of you out there think Washington Insiders are out-of-touch oligarchs who couldn’t wipe their own ass without a congressional staffer and probably an intern to jot down the minutes.  Well, in the case of Ben Nelson, you may be … Continue reading

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Germany heroically preserves digital access to naked women

Apple and their anti-naked-lady bias may have finally met their match, in the form of the greatest country in the world: Germany.  Last month, Apple banned sexy sexy lady apps (which is also my nickname for breasts) from their popular pornographic website iTunes, causing everyone in Germany … Continue reading

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WiFi on school bus cheaper than lobotomizing entire class

Despite my headline, I actually think that this is kind of a cool development.  The New York Times reported today that an Arizona school bus has been fitted with an Internet router, and now the kids act like people instead … Continue reading

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