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Anti-Muslim Freedom Party picks up so many seats in Dutch election

Dutch voters went to the polls yesterday to issue a proclamation loud and clear: We’ve had enough of these Muslims.  Okay, not every voter said that out loud, but the election results were, um, disheartening. Advertisements

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Now you sickos will have to find some other state seal to masturbate to

The only thing that makes Republicans more nervous than the existence of gays is the existence of breasts, which are even less natural than the aforementioned gays.  Bodies, to conservatives, are temples of shame to be reviled as the foul … Continue reading

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Iranian cleric would like you sluts to stop causing Earthquakes

Hey look, some Iranian cleric is taking a page out of Pat “Haiti made a deal with the Devil” Roberts‘ playbook by accusing all you slutty Iranian WOMEN of making the Earth get a boner and shake and shake because you all … Continue reading

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Germany heroically preserves digital access to naked women

Apple and their anti-naked-lady bias may have finally met their match, in the form of the greatest country in the world: Germany.  Last month, Apple banned sexy sexy lady apps (which is also my nickname for breasts) from their popular pornographic website iTunes, causing everyone in Germany … Continue reading

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Utah criminalizes miscarriage, manages to become worse at being a state

Utah, the most comically awful state in the union, is now becoming substantially worse, in a decidedly non-comical way.  Both chambers of the state legislature passed new legislation that will define  miscarriages due to reckless behavior as criminal homicide, which could result in the guilty … Continue reading

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NewsFlash 2010: Men still terrified of women, losing our dicks

It’s been generally accepted that the Super Bowl commercials this year were particularly sexist – and not just in that awesome TITS EVERYWHERE! way that I can get behind (kidding!).  The two greatest offenders this year were the Dodge Charger spot, … Continue reading

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David Brooks is terrified of voluntary sexual relationships

If you’re about to have sex with someone you love–or just a person you’re lucky enough to be able to have sex with on occasion–don’t read this column.  Or, rather, read it once you two (or more) are done with … Continue reading

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