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Argentina futbolers support awesome cause, kick ball well

Like most of you out there, my relationship with soccer began at the age of 6, ended at the age of 8, and has now returned to rear its octagonally-paneled head under its rightful moniker: FUTBOL!  Certainly there must be … Continue reading

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Gaza's best hope now 5 micks on a boat

You know how Ireland is basically the best country ever, in terms of saving civilization?  Well, suck it, everyone else, because the Irish once again are showing the rest of you clowns how its done.  Five of Ireland’s finest are … Continue reading

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Britons can vote in 'pyjamas' — and other fun facts about the Queen's democracy

As our former colonial overlords go to the polls today, you, the Indian-killing pioneer may have questions about what voters “over there” can and can’t do today in the voting booth.  No?  That’s never crossed your mind?  Well, some goofy … Continue reading

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Insane Clown Posse makes Insane Clown Video

Whatever it is you are doing right now, you simply MUST stop and watch this video. [h/t CH] [youtubevid id=”_-agl0pOQfs”] And here’s the answer to the greatest question ever asked by humankind. 

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Bible verses on gun scopes not helping image of already Crusade-y war

Brian Ross’ pretend news blog, The Blotter — so named because its content makes as much sense as an acid trip — reported on Monday that a weapons contractor has been inscribing Bible verses on rifle scopes, presumably to follow one … Continue reading

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Going Postal at Fort Hood: Hasan's Rampage and Office Violence

It’s too soon to draw many conclusions from the shooting yesterday at Fort Hood–I added a link, as though anybody would be like, “Um, what are you talking about?”–but I think there are a few things worth mentioning about Nidal Hasan’s shooting spree. … Continue reading

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