Israel not at fault in deadly Freedom Flotilla raid, explains Israel

I think this passage from the New York Times speaks for itself.

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Hannity would like his 'thank you's from Muslims now

You know what crazy thing Sean Hannity just said?  You’ll never believe it!  Actually, if you’ve ever been subjected to the horrorshow that is Sean Hannity, you will believe this crazy thing he said, about Muslims not loving America enough.

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Krugman lays the smackdown on Silly David Brooks

Paul Krugman’s response to David Brooks’ column today — which is itself a response (of sorts) to Krugman’s recent writing — is remarkably restrained, considering Brooks the Dumdum succeeds only in distorting Krugman’s arguments and appealing to that most juvenile of sources: Serious People.  When people say “the center cannot hold,” what they should really say is, “David Brooks, ‘Centrist,’ has nothing to offer.”

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The best and worst elements of American journalism

There have been a few instances recently that highlight both the best and worst tendencies in American journalism.  Let’s take a walk through the mine field together, shall we?

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Argentina futbolers support awesome cause, kick ball well

Like most of you out there, my relationship with soccer began at the age of 6, ended at the age of 8, and has now returned to rear its octagonally-paneled head under its rightful moniker: FUTBOL!  Certainly there must be some politics we can interject into this sport to sap the fun from it, right?

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The end has no end

This image is superfluous, hilarious

I haven’t written one of these “goodbye” posts yet, but now seems like as good a time as any to bang one out.  Oh, and don’t get me wrong — this isn’t exactly goodbye yet.  I’ll be posting here for the next month or so — or for as long as this site exists — and then after that, well, it’s into the great wide open for this guy.  Oh no, I feel myself getting emotional.  Or maybe I just need a piece of nicotine gum.

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BP twice as popular as genocidal war maniac

Turns out one way to make everyone in America hate your company is to have it spill oil on most of America.

Just how low is BP’s approval rating?  Somewhere between Hitler, and Sadaam Hussein holding a picture of Hitler [via ThinkProgress].

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