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When a problem is too troubling (and the response unbearably light)

I’ve been trying to write about this observation for a while, but haven’t found the means to express it. So I am just going to state it, in what I admit is speculative form. Here’s what I said on Twitter … Continue reading

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Obama administration will increase drone attacks in AfPak, thank you very much

One strange thing about Muslims living in Muslim countries is that they don’t like being bombed into Freedom.  In fact, constant bombing and occupation may in fact increase a desire to seek retribution (crazy, I know, but stay with me).  That hasn’t … Continue reading

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Fareed Zakaria sees war escalation as 'less adversarial'

I had to miss a few days of posting last week, and whenever I need to get back into the swing of things I check out the editorial page of the Washington Post.  If you ever want to perform a quick checkup … Continue reading

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Confusing liberal media calls for more war, like always

As Barack Obama outlines his plans to escalate the remembered forgotten war in Afghanistan, one question remains on everybody’s lips: what are those assholes in the Liberal Media going to do to sabotage the fun run-up to more exciting war?  They’re probably going to be real buzzkills about … Continue reading

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Will GOP purity test examine candidates' hymens?

The Republican Party, ever vigilant in it’s attempts to define itself as the Party of Failed Ideas–a mantle the Democrats are desperately vying for (see: Escalation of Afghanistan)–has release a so-called “purity test” by which it can judge whether candidates are willing to … Continue reading

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'Liberal' columnist thinks we should probably kill more Afghans

E. J. Dionne, writing today in the war-loving Washington Post‘s editorial page, perfectly illustrates why the United States is constantly at war, and how even so-called “liberal” columnists opperate under the exact same flawed worldview as the neocons they pretend to despise.

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No mention of Bagram in Gregory Craig coverage

Other than the announcement by Eric Holder that Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and 4 other suspects in the 9/11 attacks will be tried in New York City, the biggest story of the day is the news that White House counsel Gregory Craig … Continue reading

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