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When a problem is too troubling (and the response unbearably light)

I’ve been trying to write about this observation for a while, but haven’t found the means to express it. So I am just going to state it, in what I admit is speculative form. Here’s what I said on Twitter … Continue reading

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Krugman lays the smackdown on Silly David Brooks

Paul Krugman’s response to David Brooks’ column today — which is itself a response (of sorts) to Krugman’s recent writing — is remarkably restrained, considering Brooks the Dumdum succeeds only in distorting Krugman’s arguments and appealing to that most juvenile … Continue reading

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Leaked video shows US soldiers opening fire on reporter in Baghdad

In 2007, two Reuters employees — photographer Namir Noor-Eldeen and driver Saeed Chmagh — were killed by a U.S. helicopter strike in Baghdad. The U.S. military’s official response to the killings argued that the attack occurred after security forces came … Continue reading

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NY Times ombudsman now understands how language works

Last month I wrote a post titled: NYT ombudsman on O’Keefe: I honestly don’t understand how language works, in which I criticized Clark Hoyt, the New York Times’ ombudsman, for refusing to acknowledge that his paper had reported the ACORN/pimp sting story poorly.  Now I have that … Continue reading

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NYT ombudsman on O'Keefe: I honestly don't understand how language works

The New York Times operates under the same twisted framework as a beloved, genius grandparent going senile.  Look: we all love the Times, we all know the Times has a lot of great information to pass along, but we also know that … Continue reading

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Bible verses on gun scopes not helping image of already Crusade-y war

Brian Ross’ pretend news blog, The Blotter — so named because its content makes as much sense as an acid trip — reported on Monday that a weapons contractor has been inscribing Bible verses on rifle scopes, presumably to follow one … Continue reading

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Stop-loss'ed soldier drops beats, not Iraqis

Hey, wow, look at this: a soldier who was understandably upset about being stop-loss’ed — meaning he would have to face another tour of duty after he thought he’d completed his service — wrote a song correctly calling the Army Brass a bunch of dicks, and … Continue reading

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