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When a problem is too troubling (and the response unbearably light)

I’ve been trying to write about this observation for a while, but haven’t found the means to express it. So I am just going to state it, in what I admit is speculative form. Here’s what I said on Twitter … Continue reading

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Would-be ACLU shooter just most recent example of ever more desperate populace

By now you may have heard about Byron Williams, the Oakland man who allegedly attempted to shoot up an ACLU office because he couldn’t take any more left-wing politics being jammed down his throat.  Sure, you’re probably thinking, what disastrous … Continue reading

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BP twice as popular as genocidal war maniac

Turns out one way to make everyone in America hate your company is to have it spill oil on most of America. Just how low is BP’s approval rating?  Somewhere between Hitler, and Sadaam Hussein holding a picture of Hitler … Continue reading

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Sky robots not just for killing Muslims anymore

For years, deadly sky robots have rained down death from above on various Muslim countries in an attempt to create ever more terrorists, thereby ensuring that America’s wars and occupations can continue endlessly into the future.  Or, at least, that’s … Continue reading

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The myth of the liberal media, health care edition

The Pew Research Center has released a new report that perfectly illustrates how our broken media operates and why it’s virtually impossible for an American citizen to keep him or herself informed about the substance of government policy.  Health care … Continue reading

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American citizens are the mob from The Simpsons, example 25,367

I read a passage today in the New York Times that reminded me of one of my favorite moments from The Simpsons.  The passage, and the corresponding quote, after the jump, without commentary.

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The illustrated empty Iowan fish tank

From yesterday’s post, titled Iowa museum displays empty fish tank to illustrate Gulf oil catastrophe: DUBUQUE, Iowa — An empty 40,000-gallon fish tank. That’ll soon be a main feature of an Iowa museum’s altered exhibit on the Gulf of Mexico. … Continue reading

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